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How to use video in business

Posted by on Nov 14, 2015 in Inovations | Comments Off on How to use video in business


The development of technology has greatly influenced the development of marketing tools, not only for large but also for small businesses and crafts. First of all, it’s referring to the internet or the website and multimedia. Today it is almost impossible to imagine that there is a company or craft that do not have your own website, at least with basic information about the company and products or services they offer. However, research shows that a short video on a website can greatly help attract clients. Large companies that are potential was immediately recognized and used it to attract customers. Small businesses, due to the cost of production, they often gave up the idea of video on its website.

How to Use Video in business

It is not necessary to have a professionally produced video which resembles a sort of big-budget commercials indexare centered on national television. For the presentation of small business enough good ideas and camera you have on your mobile phone or laptop. The aim is to create a video in which you present yourself, your company or product or service you offer. Video must, above all, be adapted to the target group of customers you want to reach. Video does not have to be boring listing of information that you have already specified on the website. Instead of a video in which you try to sell your product or service, a video guide that will teach viewers how to use your device or how to do something with the help of your product. Think about shooting video for a special occasion – cards for the holidays, notice fairs or conferences, where you will be announcements of special actions that will maintain or announcements of new products that will only be found in the market. Note that the video may not be very long.

Carefully select the main actors

Video can be recorded excellent, superbly written script, but if the person who appears in the video looks like a frightened deer in front of headlights, this video would be interesting to watch. The same applies if the person uttering the text has a monotonous voice. When you open the profile, it is necessary to publish video in this service. Throughout the process will lead you simple instructions and depending on the size of the video and your Internet connection.

Play around in the editing

After you take whatever you want to eventually find in your video, it’s time to finally create videos. Just mount can be done on the computer, but also on your smartphone or tablet. Cut off what you’re not satisfied, consider adding soft music in the background, add whatever you think we should particularly like.

Spread the word

In the end, people need to draw attention to all your hard work and passion that you have passed and invite them to visit your website and see the video. So, turn to social networks and invite your friends and fans to watch videos and share their reactions. Pay attention to your comments – be they positive or negative. Play with your imagination and share the videos!

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